A humble food that has been consumed for thousands of years to support occasional stress, focus, mood, and libido.

The Mood-Boosting Bean That May Support Brain Health

Your brain is an amazing chemical factory that regulates everything from body temperature to sex drive.

Not only does it support the hormones that contribute to sex drive… 

….but also those which control happiness, excitement, and stress.
Many people call it nature’s built-in ’pharmacy’ with unlimited potential to heal our
bodies of all that ails us…It’s like a nuclear reactor that is always ‘on’ and always working, with trillions of chemical reactions going on all times….

That’s right…

every second of our lives ….our brains produce all the chemicals necessary, in just the right combinations, and in just the right amounts, to help us function at optimal levels at all times…or not.

For example, when we are stressed, our bodies naturally produce a hormone called cortisol….

It’s known as the stress hormone and in short bursts, like if we were being chased by a
tiger, cortisol can help us survive…

That’s because when cortisol is produced, it suppresses all other hormones including
testosterone, dopamine, and more in an effort to direct all necessary energy to the act
of survival.

Unnecessary cortisol makes you feel more stress.

…cortisol can wreak havoc on our hormones, cause our bodies to store excess fat, and lead to a host of other disastrous health problems.

Think of unmanaged stress like we’re stuck in survival mode…

It would be like driving your car in first gear with your pedal to the metal for days, weeks, and months on end… And with the high-stress environment most of us are accustomed to these days, we are essentially stuck in survival mode and don’t even realize it.

But nature has equipped us with the ability to manage healthy levels of cortisol…

Because our brains naturally produce two chemicals that are most often referred to as the ‘feel-good’ chemicals that have wide-ranging effects on everything from sex drive, stress, as well as muscle mass, fat loss, and much more.

They are nature’s way of helping us to be happy, healthy, strong, and productive….And one of those things found in nature is a tiny bean native to Africa and Asia, that has been shown to naturally increase dopamine levels in the brain. It’s been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years, to address occasional stress, improve focus, boost libido and improve mood. And now research suggests that it may help support male fertility (3) by improving sperm quality (4) and testosterone levels too. (5)

What is it?

It’s called Mucuna pruriens (6) , and natural health devotees swear by its power to promote well-being.

And here’s why…

Mucuna pruriens’ potential to support brain function (7), along with L-Dopa and The ‘Dopamine Bean’.

To understand why Mucuna pruriens is so effective, it helps to understand howdopamine is created in the brain…The process begins when an amino acid called tyrosine is first converted to an aminoacid called L-Dopa (8), which is then converted into dopamine to be used by the brain.As such, L-Dopa is known as a ‘precursor’ of dopamine.While dopamine consumed as a drug or supplement cannot pass the blood brain barrier, L-Dopa can, enabling it to essentially stimulate the production of dopamine at the source.

This is how it increases dopamine in the brain. And because Mucuna pruriens contains high amounts of naturally occurring L-Dopa, this is how it increases dopamine in the brain.

And it gets even better…

In addition to the big amounts of naturally occurring L-Dopa, Mucuna pruriens is also rich in minerals, proteins, fatty acids, and starch.

‘This sounds great! How can I take advantage of all this magical bean has to offer?’

Although it is a challenge, you can find whole beans online. However, most people find that taking a supplement is an easier way to harness the power of Mucuna pruriens every day. But as with any supplement, when looking to support your performance and health, look for a product from a company that follows the highest quality manufacturing guidelines such as this.

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